Special Edition: Content Strategy Podcast with Autotrader.com’s Scott Markle


Colleen Jones, Founder of Content Science, and I decided to team up on a special edition podcast, where we will frequently showcase leaders and organizations that are doing innovative work with their content strategy program.

Colleen is the author of Clout: The Art + Science of Influential Web Content (affiliate link below).

Our first guest was Scott Markle, the Senior Manager of Content Strategy for Autotrader.com.

On the show, we discussed Scott’s role in helping develop content for Autotrader.com, and the long road from when they started, to the dramatic successes they are seeing today. Scott explained the impact their content strategy is having on the numbers, as well as the role his team plays in executing the strategy.

Scott explains that while it is important to be passionate about your subject matter, a desire to educate, serve and help your market is what truly matters.

If you and your organization are engaging in a content strategy program, be inspired by the innovative program Scott Markle and Autotrader.com are implementing.

Later this month, Scott will present at the Content Strategy Atlanta Meetup. Details here!